Alex Figueroba

I never really know how to get started when I have to talk about myself, to be honest, so I’ll write down some random things as they come to mind.
I was born in Badalona and I’ve always lived here. I began studying Journalism but during the first semester I decided that I was going to be a psychologist almost on impulse. My affective relationships are non-monogamous and I feel proud about it. I love cinema and I’ve written several scripts -haven’t sold any of them, though-. I’m not great at selling stuff, broadly speaking.
My main goal as a psychologist is helping the people I work with feel happier and more satisfied with their lives. I try to pass on what I’ve learned to enhance emotion management, social interactions, motivation, sexual-affective problems, processing of conflictive memories or whatever is necessary depending on the person, their circumstances, wants, needs and stories.
By the way, I’ll probably have had a haircut by the time you read this.

Sílvia Guarch

Psychology has always been my vocation, although it’s been hard to realize that, since I’ve had to explore the worlds of education and work a lot before arriving here.
I’ve seeked psychological help in the past too, and was ashamed of telling people.
I’ve always lived in Viladecans.
I change my look often, so don’t be surprised if my hair is a different color when we meet.
I have a cat who hits and scratches me.
I like Netflix, chocolate, partying, going to the gym and dancing a lot. I’m energetic, passionate, and always willing to help everyone.
In my previous jobs and training I’ve worked with people with drug addictions and people with ASD of all ages. I have also done volunteer work accompanying elderly people and in field hospitals with people facing homelessness. I’m interested in professional development in the fields of human affectivity and sexuality.

Anna Jordà

I see myself as an empathetic, creative and friendly person. Although I’m shy, I like sharing with others and promoting free expression of feelings and thoughts. I always try to express from the heart the things that are truly important for me and the people around me, since I believe this is how we create the relationships that we care about in our lives. I love working with and for the person, and especially doing so through dialogue and affection.
Coffee makes me go crazy in the early morning.
Don’t take my breakfast away if I have to work today.
I’m a fan of greeting people I haven’t met.
Walking and watching the sea winds me down.
My best gift: a good smile.

Marc Lleida

I have a creative mind and I can’t stand still.
I’m passionate about people and improving their well-being. Everything I study revolves around health. I hold the belief that any intervention has to be holistic, integrating multiple sciences and perspectives.
Venturing to create something that makes other people happy as well as myself has always been my greatest dream.
I’m always running from one place to another. I probably have the team record in torn pants.

Ivan Rivera

The neighborhood of Sants has seen me grow.
As a psychologist I often work with refugees around the world and with collectives in vulnerable situations. I like to work with positive psychology and emotional education as transformational tools.
I’m passionate about working with issues regarding gender equality, spaces for collective care and the social effects of the climate crisis.
Member of Extinction Rebellion BCN, FoodCoop and La Magrana.
I like cold pizza and when friends text you: “Hey, what are you doing right now?”. A smile is my emblem.
A friend of mine has a pet turtle called Lola.

Carol Puig

The only non-psychologist in the team -but fear not, you will not see me doing any kind of psychological work.
I help the team in any way I can through my experience as a project manager and my knowledge about entrepreneurship.
So far my role in Psicoopera includes tasks ranging from design to strategy, personnel interviews, emotional support, picture-taking or cake-baking.
The team pays me in good vibes, laughs and a lot of love.
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